Episode 116: The Reckoning

Hopefully this idea about shaking up the very foundations of male power, I think it potentially will lead to more women being successful at the top, but in new ways.
— Linda Betts
Photo by Tomwang112/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Tomwang112/iStock / Getty Images

Women have been resisting over-generalization for a century, so why would we want to turn and generalize men in the same way?
— Laura Linnaeus
Linda betts

Linda betts

Sexual harassment at work used to be something everyone knew about but no one talked about. Now everyone is talking about it. Scores of women are publicly naming prominent men as harassers. Many of those men have lost their jobs. But what does the reckoning mean for women in the workplace, and the power dynamic between the sexes?

This show features two guests, Laura Linnaeus from the US and Linda Betts from Australia. Each has a different idea of what #MeToo and the current climate will do for women's careers.

You can also read a transcript of the show.

Further reading: Here's Amber Tamblyn's New York Times Op-Ed, I'm Not Ready for the Redemption of Men.

The BBC wrote a piece about why there's a flood of sexual harassment allegations in the US, and only a trickle in the UK. 

This piece about what #MeToo has raised for Swedish women is fascinating. Just as my guests pointed out in the show I did called Better in Scandinavia, not everything in the Scandinavian countries is as equal as it seems.