Episode 115: Putting Yourself First

As women we’re particularly resistant to want to give ourselves even a minute’s break. We are servant leaders, we’re so good at taking care of others.
— Leigh Stringer
Self-care has never been part of the narrative for African-American women in this country.
— Theresa Thames
Theresa thames

Theresa thames

For many women, looking after after ourselves in the midst of work and family life can feel like a stretch. In this show we meet two women who ignored what their bodies were telling them before switching tack and putting themselves first. 

A series of crises forced Theresa Thames to take her health seriously. So did discovering the organization GirlTrek

Leigh Stringer

Leigh Stringer

Workplace strategist Leigh Stringer was determined to find a better way to live and work after a particularly grueling project. That led to her writing the book The Healthy Workplace

I made this show because listeners wanted an episode on self-care - but only if it felt real. I hope this fits the bill. 

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