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Welcome to The Broad Experience

"Excellent, well-rounded coverage of women and the career-life dance we all do. Informative and affirming in equal parts, and a refreshing alternative to the sound-bytey media circus on the topic."
- iTunes review

The Broad Experience was recently picked as one of the Guardian's "10 best lesser-known podcasts". It offers intelligent conversation, personal stories, new ideas - and a little attitude - on the subject of women in the workplace. We take a journalistic eye to a rich and controversial topic. Smart, influential guests of both sexes weigh in. You can tune in here or subscribe to the show on iTunes. You'll find the most recent episode a little further down the page.

You can quickly check out all past episodes here at Mule Radio, the podcast network that hosts the show.

See above for more on previous episodes and a bit about your host, Ashley Milne-Tyte. Read the latest posts about the show and all things women-and-work at the Broadly Speaking blog. Here's a quick introduction.

So far we've covered topics such as women, ambition and powerhow race can play out at work, and whether the glass ceiling still exists. We've had a six-woman debate on Sheryl Sandberg's bestselling book Lean In and asked how age affects a woman's career.

The show aims to help women succeed and thrive in the modern workplace. Can we solve your every work/life conundrum? I wish. Still, we do inform, entertain and occasionally inspire while giving listeners insights into important issues surrounding women and their careers - issues you won't always have thought much about before.  

Women still have a very different experience of work than men. They're doing brilliantly in the education system and out-graduating guys. But they still make up a tiny percentage of top executives. Sure, not everyone wants those jobs. We all define success differently, and having a sane, balanced existence is important to a lot of us. But many women are ambitious, yet we don't quite reach our full potential. There are many reasons why. Often they are boiled down to one thing: babies. It's more complicated - and interesting - than that.

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