Episode 131: Would You Work in a Women-Only Space?

What’s happening here is people are feeling comfortable and not drowned out, and like they’re being heard.
— Mallory Kasdan
Mallory Kasdan in the podcast studio at The Wing in Dumbo, Brooklyn

Mallory Kasdan in the podcast studio at The Wing in Dumbo, Brooklyn

We’re supposed to be championing diversity, and women have done so much to do that. And this felt like we were going a little bit backwards.
— Amy Rowe

Women-only workspaces are becoming more and more popular for freelancers and entrepreneurs. One such space, The Wing, has garnered a lot of press and is opening branches in multiple US cities as well as abroad. For fans, these spaces are a haven for professional women. But others say a women-only office is no triumph for equality. 

In this show I visit the Brooklyn branch of The Wing and meet up with one of its members, podcaster Mallory Kasdan. I also talk to former TBE guest Leigh Stringer, a workplace expert, and to UK-based Amy Rowe. Amy works from a co-working space herself, but it has plenty of men - and she likes it that way. 

The Wing in Dumbo, Brooklyn

The Wing in Dumbo, Brooklyn

What do you think? Would you work out of a women-only space if you had the chance? Or does the whole idea seem like a step backwards?

You can also read a transcript of the show.

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