Episode 81: Money vs. Fulfillment

For the person who says money isn’t everything I would push back and say OK, if money isn’t everything, what would you do if you didn’t get your next paycheck?
— Jacquette Timmons

Jacquette timmons

When women give up their careers for their husbands they perpetuate this dynamic where only men and a few women make it to the top with a stay-at-home spouse.
— Jodi Detjen

Jodi Detjen

In this show two guests take on two listener questions. The first asks whether women have to strive so much for equality. Can't they just be happy if they enjoy their jobs, even if they know the guy before them got paid more for doing the exact same thing? Another listener says there's a huge gap between her and her husband's salaries. She likes her job, but wonders if she should give it up to stay home with her child so her Silicon Valley spouse can have what his colleagues do: a stay-at-home wife 'who makes his life happen.'

You can also read a transcript of the show.

My guests are financial behaviorist and author Jacquette Timmons, and management professor and author Jodi Detjen.

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