Episode 82: Generation Clash

All of the women I’ve worked with have felt like...they are trying to help, but they’re trying based on what things were like when they were coming up through the workplace.
— Nora Mathews
Nora mathews at one of her side hustles

Nora mathews at one of her side hustles

This week we look at generational conflict between women at work. We all know it’s there, lurking, even if we talk about it behind eachother’s backs.

This show features generation expert Anne Loehr plus a baby boomer and a millennial on the gaps in experience and understanding between women. Why won't millennials use the phone at work? Why can't older women understand this isn't the same workplace they came up in? 

This is the first of two shows on this topic. Next time we take a deeper look at Generation X's perspective. 

My other two guests are Broad Experience listeners Nora Mathews and Lynne Testoni - thank you both for contributing to the podcast. 

You can also read a transcript of the show.