Episode 68: Introverts at the Office

Men have had the advantage to some degree of having that strong silent type, that label that is sometimes valued or seen as an attractive feature. And a quiet woman is automatically assumed to be shy.
— Beth Buelow
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Last year I released a show on authenticity at the office - how authentic, really, can women be at work, I asked? For many women the answer is 'not very.' That said, the conversations on that podcast revolved around being too big a personality for your workplace.

A few months later I met a friend for dinner. She mentioned how tough it was to fit in at her office because she was an introvert in a sea of extroverts. I'd never thought about that side of authenticity - when your personality isn't big enough for your colleagues' liking. That's what this show is about: When and how to adapt to an extrovert culture, and whether quiet women are losing out because others don't see them as leaders.

Beth Buelow

I have three guests this week. Beth Buelow is a strong advocate for introverts and their talents. She hosts The Introvert Entrepreneur podcast and is the author of The Introvert Entrepreneur: Amplify Your Strengths and Create Success on Your Own Terms. My other guests are Lisa Sonnier (a 'reformed introvert'), who talks about managing introverts, and Frieda Klotz, the introvert who got me thinking about all this in the first place.

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Finally, here's a transcript of the show.