Episode 69: Working with Other Women

Many women are shocked when their female boss is not nice to them. Whereas I don’t think they’d be as shocked when a male boss isn’t nice to them.
— Katherine Crowley

                                       Photo courtesy of US Marine corps archives

It's a cliché but it's true: many women dislike working with other women. They claim female bosses and colleagues undermine them, talk behind their backs, and generally make them miserable.

But what if you're part of the problem?

In this show we delve into the dynamics of female relationships, why they can be so antagonistic, and how you can help redress the balance. My guests are Katherine Crowley and Kathi Elster of K Squared Enterprises. They host their own podcast on the workplace, My Crazy Office. They're also the authors of Mean Girls At Work.

Katherine Crowley (l) and Kathi Elster

Katherine Crowley (l) and Kathi Elster

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Further reading: A number of pieces like this one on a recent Columbia Business School study claim 'queen bee syndrome' is overblown.

This piece on yet another study suggests female supervisors are in fact more supportive of junior men than junior women - and pay them more.

This is an article on women's preference for working with men (but note it's a fairly small number of women who say they want this set-up).

You can also read a transcript of the show.