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Episode 61: Get ahead. No guilt (re-release)

April 20, 2015

"We had never experienced anything we thought to be remotely gender discrimination. So we couldn’t even identify it when we saw it." - Jessica Bennett

"Every time you say yes to something you are saying no to something else...You are going to end up not doing the things that matter if you’re not careful.” - Heather McGregor

19 minutes.

I sometimes get emails from listeners, particularly professors, saying, 'The young women I work with believe gender equality has been sorted out - they don't believe there's a problem.' That was Jess Bennett when she began her career at Newsweek in the early 2000s. She'd never come up against any kind of gender discrimination so she didn't think it existed. It was some tired old problem from the past. She gradually realized she was wrong.

In this show we talk about subtle discrimination at work, the changing world of journalism, and, with guest Heather McGregor, the problems of female guilt and how to say no without alienating people (she's good at it).

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Episode 60: Leading in faith

April 5, 2015

Reverend Rebecca Anderson

"As soon as I heard the criticism of this young female rabbi, the first thing that I thought of was, ‘I don’t think that would necessarily be the way that people addressed a male counterpart.” - Rabbi Danielle Leshaw

"I’ve had a very lovely older guy...say, 'We never get to see you with your hair down.' And I think, get to? It wasn’t in the job description." - Reverend Rebecca Anderson

"The church is still running behind. There are plenty of folks out there who don’t want a woman in a position of high authority." - Reverend Adrian Dannhauser


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Episode 59: Politics is power

March 23, 2015

"It's a very fine line...between how people want to agitate for women's rights and women's advancement and how much there can still be a backlash against those types of issues." - Megan Murphy

"You have more resources within you than you think...try to believe that you can actually make a difference, that your voice counts." - Madeleine Kunin

29 minutes.

Megan Murphy

Countries like the US and UK may thrive in many areas, but not when it comes to women in politics. The US Congress is about 20% women and in the UK, Parliament is 23% female. Yes, it's an improvement on former decades, but in 2015 why aren't more women holding power at a national level?

We have two fantastic, outspoken guests on today's show: Megan Murphy, the Financial Times Washington bureau chief, and Madeleine Kunin, former (and first woman) governor of Vermont. Madeleine KuninWe discuss the landscape for women in politics today, what life as a female politician is actually like, and why it's so important that more women go into politics in the first place. 

This is the third in a series of podcasts I've produced in partnership with the Financial Times. Check out their coverage of women in business at (I read it every week) and when you tweet about the show, please use the hashtag #FTwomen.


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Episode 58: When men stay home

March 9, 2015

"I thought it was interesting that people would say, 'Oh, so your husband doesn't want to work?'...The next question would be, 'Does he cook?'" - Kathryn Clifton

 "I think any dude would love to at stay home with their kids and not have to work, but their sense of purpose and those role reversals are a little bit intimidating." - Eric Bryan

Eric Bryan and Alton during our Skype interview

25 minutes.

More and more men are staying at home to look after kids while their wives or girlfriends support the family. In this show we explore what that situation means for women's careers, and what these role reversals mean for men. Evidence shows society still doesn't wholly accept stay-at-home fathers - that, in essence, we still view men as type-A go-getters who aren't 'real men' if they take on a caregiving role (see links below for more reading on this). In the US even taking a brief paternity leave can be a fraught issue depending on where you work. But will women ever be truly equal at work until more men become caregivers? 

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Episode 57: Women, work, and stress

February 23, 2015

“I didn’t share what was happening with my family or my friends...I would just march forward like a good soldier to go to work and do good things there.” - Jen Yip

"Typically it’s harder for women to say no....So when they do say no they go, 'Oh my gosh, I’ve just said no, that person is going to hate me." - Marjorie Hirsch

27 minutes.

Jen YipYou may have noticed professional women are stressed out. In this show we talk about why and aim to bring some relief. First we meet Jen Yip, a Broad Experience listener who lived a stressful existence for years, but kept going because plowing through was the only option she knew - until she started to crack.

Then we hear from therapist and corporate consultant Marjorie Hirsch, who has some advice about how to cut down on stress. This includes tackling stuff women tend to be bad at, such as saying no, setting boundaries, and asking questions that'll make your life easier.


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