Episode 100: Owning It - an Interview with Sallie Krawcheck

I could have dressed him down. What would have happened then? He would have been embarrassed. But so would everybody else have been. And you know who would have gotten the blame for it, right? Because he was their bud. So it would have been me.
— Sallie Krawcheck

For years Sallie Krawcheck was one of the few famous women on Wall Street. She earned millions of dollars, had a huge office, and the use of a private jet. A few years ago all that changed when she made the switch to entrepreneurship.

Sallie Krawcheck

Sallie Krawcheck

In this interview we talk about the relationship between her gender and her firing from Citibank, why she won't shut up about diversity, stodgy company cultures, and handling sexism at work.

Sallie is the author of a new book called Own It, and the co-founder and CEO of Ellevest, and investment platform for women. 

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Broad Experience Shorts: Going on Leave

Too often I’ve heard from clients, ‘I’m not sure what’s gonna happen when I come back, what are they gonna expect from me? What are they gonna say about me?’
— Rachael Ellison

Rachael Ellison


In this week's mini-show Rachael Ellison is back to talk about leave. She says delegation plays a big part in having a successful leave, but more importantly, a successful return.

Whether you're going on parental leave or you suddenly have to take care of a sick parent, your exit can be fraught with uncertainty. Then there are the unexpected surprises that await you when you get back. Rachael talks about ways that employee, boss and team can work together to plan for a smooth absence. 

Rachael is working with the Center for Parental Leave Leadership

Do you have a story about leave you'd like to share? I'm particularly keen to hear from people outside the US, from cultures where a year-long maternity leave is normal. 

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Episode 99: Hate to Delegate

The women I work with are very uncomfortable with delegation...I think there’s a sense of wanting to do your best in every sphere of your life and wanting to control that outcome.
— Rachael Ellison

Photo by Jason Truscott, used with creative commons license.

Men are raised to believe that it’s okay to receive support, and women are raised to believe that they are the ones who have to give support.
— Jodi Detjen

A lot of women admit it: we have trouble delegating. How many times have you said, "It's just easier if I do it"? But you can't pull off a senior role - or avoid burnout - without giving some of your work to other people. In this show we look at the cultural reasons why women shy away from delegation, and how we can get more comfortable with it.

My guests are coach and consultant Rachael Ellison and management professor Jodi Detjen.

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Episode 98: Leaning Back

The majority of women want to capitalize on their educations, want to do something meaningful and interesting and lucrative, but they’re not willing to sell their soul for their professional life.
— Kathryn Sollmann
Photo by Huntstock/DisabilityImages / Getty Images
Photo by Huntstock/DisabilityImages / Getty Images
Kathryn Sollmann

Kathryn Sollmann

A lot of women dream of scaling back their careers after they have kids, even if it's just for a while. Some quit altogether and stay out of the workforce for years.

These days the conversation around women and work revolves around how to get to the top. But my guest says much of it is missing the point: most women still have no desire to attain those heights. 

In this episode I talk to Kathryn Sollmann of 9 Lives for Women about the pros and cons of dialing back your work life. Kathryn says one vital point often gets left out of the 'leaning out' discussions: the importance of long-term financial security. 

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Further reading: Here's that Atlantic series on women's ambitions that I mentioned at the beginning of the podcast. 

I'd love to hear from people about whether you've scaled back your career in some way over the years. Did you ask for flexibility and did it work? Did you leave to start a business you could manage around family life? 

Episode 97: Women's Work

Even in these female-dominated occupations men are still over represented in leadership. And it’s even more glaring in those kinds of environments because the staff is largely female.
— Marianne Cooper

We talk a lot on the show about being a woman in a man's (work) world. But lots of women are in female-dominated fields, and that can bring its own challenges. Meanwhile your boss is still likely to be a man.

Tune in to hear from listeners in two majority-women fields - Lucie Goulet and Kailah Carden - and from sociologist Marianne Cooper.

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Episode 96: Burnout

What happens with my female clients is that they will be on the edge of burnout and feel like they can’t do anything about it because it’s self-indulgent.
— Dana Campbell
Photo by PeopleImages/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by PeopleImages/iStock / Getty Images
I have gotten much more ruthless about proactively avoiding getting to burnout rather than dealing with it once I notice it’s happening. So I schedule my workouts in, I make sure I see people I care about a certain number of times a week .
— Stacy-Marie Ishmael

stacy-marie ishmael

Dana campbell

Anyone can burn out at work, but women seem to be doing it faster and younger than men. In this show we take a closer look at what leads to burnout and how to prevent it in the first place. My guests are career and burnout coach Dana Campbell and journalist and former BuzzFeed News editor Stacy-Marie Ishmael.

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