Women in tech: links and tidbits

May 5, 2012

As promised in the latest episode of the show, here are a few links related to the topic of women in tech, and women's relationship to technology.

First, check out Adda Birnir's new venture Skillcrush, which is soon to launch.

This is a great Mother Jones piece on the so-called 'brogrammer' debate that's been a major topic of conversation in tech circles in the last couple of months. Basically, while I like to think educated Gen Y men are pretty evolved, this shows that is far from universally the case.

And here's a blog post by tech entrepreneur Dan Shapiro that backs up some of what Vivek Wadhwa told me in our interview that I couldn't fit into the podcast. Kind of a depressing read if you're female, but proof that a critical mass of women is needed in the technology industry so men get used to working alongside these strange beings and begin to see them less as sex objects, more as colleagues.