The Broad Experience on This Week in Google

May 11, 2012

Yikes. I knew Jeff Jarvis was a sharer - after all, this is the guy who wrote a book called Public Parts and is famous, or notorious, for his belief that public is better than private. He may even tweet in his sleep. So I was a combination of shocked, embarrassed and pleased when I saw this plug he did for The Broad Experience on TWiG - This Week in Google - the TWIT TV show he does every week with Leo Laporte and Gina Trapani. It's ironic that I had just posted the silhouette of a naked woman on my website when they went on air and the camera focused right on it. I was making a point about a logo contest I'd started, but the way the camera lingered, an outside observer might think I was promoting a strip club (maybe that's why my site got so many hits that day?)

God knows how I'd deal with actually being on TV, if hearing myself spoken about on TV results in such a jumble of mixed feelings. It starts about 8 minutes in.