Video did not kill the radio star

December 6, 2012

Or even the radio-reporter-and-podcast-host. It just got her to experiment. 

I'm passionate about audio but I'm edging into the world of video because if you want to get noticed, that's what you have to do. I am in the uncomfortable position of needing to sell myself and my show, so I need to get with the program. We're drawn to all things visual, even if audio is a more intimate medium (sorry video people, it just is). I want more people to know The Broad Experience exists, and if making the occasional video helps with that, I'll do it. I have to say, I have thus far found being on camera less painful than I thought. Now, if I was being filmed in a studio in HD, would I be having as much fun as I do in the informal online chats I've done so far? Probably not. But I may as well start my training in a relaxed environment. Yesterday my friend and cyber-colleague, journalist and on-camera expert Manoush Zomorodi, interviewed me on Spreecast about The Broad Experience, personal branding for journalists (shudder) and how video can help all of us get our messages across. And what a learning experience it's been. Who knew I was an epic head-tosser and eye-roller?