Episode 11: Women of a Certain Age

December 13, 2012

What happens to your career as you get older? We know the few female CEOs out there are mostly in their 50s and above (with the exception of the wildly famous and fertile Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer). But for many women life at work takes on a different dimension as you age and deal with other people's perceptions of what 'older' means. So what do you do about it if you still love your career and want to stay in the game? Tune in to hear Leah Eichler, editor of Femme-o-nomics and r/ally, energy industry executive Gail McMinn and Financial Times columnist Mrs. Moneypenny discuss women, employment and age, and why it's never too late to change careers. 

You can read Leah Eichler's Femme-onomics and Globe and Mail column on women and age at work here, and take a peek at Mrs. Moneypenny's book on women's careers here.