Episode 149: Forgiveness at Work

Forgiveness became a survival technique. It became something I came to lean on to be able to focus on what mattered...and not let people’s biases and stereotypes affect me.
— Christie Lindor

Over the course of a career a lot of us will have at least one big upset. Whether it’s being unexpectedly let go or being overlooked for a promotion you feel you deserve, stuff happens that leaves us reeling. And for many there are the smaller slights that gradually wear us down, day after day.

In this episode we look at forgiveness as a career tactic. A lot of us stew for weeks or months over these things (or is it just me?). My guest Christie Lindor decided the way to get ahead in her career was to forgive the aggressions - micro and otherwise - she was subject to at the office. She talks about how and why she chose forgiveness as a way forward, and how focusing on what you want to come out of a bad situation can help you deal with hurt, anger, and resentment.

Christie Lindor

Christie Lindor

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This is the last new episode you'll hear for a while as The Broad Experience goes on hiatus for a few months.

Further reading: Christie Lindor is the author most recently of Release - Use the Power of Forgiveness to Get Unstuck and Thrive in Your Career.