Episode 145: Working through Menopause

Sometimes we hear, ‘the guys don’t understand what’s going on,’ meaning the male line managers. But it’s the female line managers who have just as little information about it too.
— Julie Dennis
Photo by seb_ra/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by seb_ra/iStock / Getty Images

We play at being superhuman all the time. And I think if more of us can have these honest conversations then there’s less chance of us being discriminated against.
— Rebekah Bostan

You're commuting to work and you start overheating; you're suddenly feeling more anxious about everything; you can't sleep properly, and your colleagues and family are driving you nuts.

Julie Dennis

Julie Dennis

Many women in their forties start feeling these signs of peri-menopause. And in the UK, some employers are actually moving to support their female staff as they go through this transition. But menopause still remains largely under-discussed, particularly in the youth-obsessed US (why would you admit you're menopausal when the workplace is already sexist and ageist?) In this show we meet Julie Dennis, a menopause coach, and Rebekah Bostan, an employee of a global company - each is determined to bring more transparency to one of the last workplace taboos.

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This piece, Puberty for the Middle-Aged, first got me thinking about peri-menopause.

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