Episode 139: The Coaching Cure, part 1: The Coach

Coaches have always existed in some form...if you want to be better at being yourself and doing your life, it costs something.
— Kate Schutt
My clients don’t have a lot of support in their lives for themselves...the mentors they might go to are so busy themselves.
— Rachel Garrett
Kate schutt

Kate schutt

A few years ago I wrote a post called Everyone’s a Coach. Because that’s how it felt to me. Ever since I’d started the show I’d noticed an increasing number of social media profiles of women using the title ‘coach.’ And they all seemed to be targeting their services at other women.

Rachel Garrett

Rachel Garrett

The coaching industry is growing fast all over the world. It’s unregulated, and anyone can call themselves a coach. The majority of coaches are women, as are the majority of clients. So why do more women than men seek coaching, and why are so many women drawn to the profession?

This is the first of two shows that looks at women’s relationship with the coaching industry. In this episode we meet two coaches, Kate Schutt and Rachel Garrett, and we hear from Terry Maltbia, a trainer of coaches.

You can also read a transcript of the show.

I’d love to hear from people about this episode. Does it resonate with your experience, or not? What do you wish you’d heard that you didn’t? I’m releasing a second episode in two weeks.

Further reading: The International Coach Federation has the most recent global survey on coaching.

Terry Maltbia directs the Columbia Coaching Certification Program.

The Harvard Business Review published The Wild West of Executive Coaching in 2004, but it’s still relevant today.