Episode 136: Loyalty Has Limits

It’s a very female perspective on a job. I didn’t want to let anyone down...I don’t know if a man would ever be, ‘I can’t leave this job, it would break my heart.’
— Danielle Maveal
I’m constantly thinking about the whole presentation, body language, what my facial expression must look like, the tone of my voice, the volume of my voice.
— Kim Norris

So many women stick around in jobs they've had for years, unsure of their next step. In the first part of this episode we look at why it can be so hard to move on even when we know we should. We talk to Danielle Maveal, who found it incredibly tough to walk away from her job at Etsy, and to Terri Boyer, who now directs the Institute for Women’s Leadership at Villanova University.

In part two we talk about emotions in the workplace. Is it OK to cry openly (really?) or should we stick with the conventional advice to flee to the bathroom? We learn from author Anne Kreamer about gender and the science of tears. And we meet Kim Norris, who has to watch her tone of voice and expression pretty much all the time for fear of being misunderstood.

You can also read a transcript of the show.

Further reading: McKinsey and Company and Lean In recently came out with their 2018 report on Women in the Workplace.