Episode 111: Hiring Hell

They are looking for more and more out of each individual person that they hire. And this is their way to manage the risk.
— Allison Hemming
Photo:  Zipline Obstacle Course 2 by  My Photo Journeys , used with Creative Commons License.

Photo: Zipline Obstacle Course 2 by My Photo Journeys, used with Creative Commons License.

Looking for a job has always been stressful, but the process resembles an obstacle course now more than ever. The time it takes for candidates to get hired has gone up in recent years, according to this study by Glassdoor. A major reason is the many levels of screening job hunters have to go through. But at what point does the interview process become unprofessional, or even inhumane? 

In this show we meet two recent job seekers, Rachel Schallom and Kristen Shattuck, who bring us stories from the trenches, and one recruiter, Allison Hemming of The Hired Guns, who offers some perspective from the company's side of things. 

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You can also read a transcript of the show.