Episode 106: Authenticity vs. Conformity (re-release)

You just don’t know what path to follow. Should I be more deferential? Well, but isn’t the fact that I’m outspoken and focused and determined why I’ve been successful so far?
— Lauren Tucker
Going up?

Going up?

Authenticity is a buzzword that crops up a lot. We're all meant to 'be ourselves' at work. But how realistic a goal is that for women, really?

In this show, originally released in 2014, I speak to Sylvia Ann Hewlett, author of the book Executive Presence. Sylvia says women have to find the right balance of being themselves and having the perfect combination of gravitas, communication skills and appearance to get to the top. Lauren Tucker is pretty much there. Still, she says meshing her forthright personality with the workplace is no picnic, even at her level. And why should she even have to try?

We'll hear from Lauren Tucker again on an upcoming show. 

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