Episode 103: Conservative State of Mind

One of the male representatives from a very conservative area stood up and said, ‘We don’t need more childcare, we need to do away with the need for childcare!’
— Patricia Jones
Patricia Jones (photo by Andrea smardon)

Patricia Jones (photo by Andrea smardon)

I always made it a point to sit next to Republican men. Of course most of them were so it wasn’t difficult. But I made it a point not to just sit with women, because you build relationships in that way.

Patricia Jones was born and raised in Utah, a state with a conservative bent and one of the highest wage gaps in the US. 60% of the population is Mormon. But belonging to a conservative faith never stopped Pat from having a family and a career, first running a business, then as a politician.

In her latest role at the Women's Leadership Institute she's on a mission to raise the status of women at work and in public life in Utah. And that means persuading a lot of pale males that it's a good idea. 

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Thanks to Andrea Smardon for taping Pat's side of the conversation in Salt Lake City.

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