Broad Experience Shorts: Going on Leave

Too often I’ve heard from clients, ‘I’m not sure what’s gonna happen when I come back, what are they gonna expect from me? What are they gonna say about me?’
— Rachael Ellison

Rachael Ellison


In this week's mini-show Rachael Ellison is back to talk about leave. She says delegation plays a big part in having a successful leave, but more importantly, a successful return.

Whether you're going on parental leave or you suddenly have to take care of a sick parent, your exit can be fraught with uncertainty. Then there are the unexpected surprises that await you when you get back. Rachael talks about ways that employee, boss and team can work together to plan for a smooth absence. 

Rachael is working with the Center for Parental Leave Leadership

Do you have a story about leave you'd like to share? I'm particularly keen to hear from people outside the US, from cultures where a year-long maternity leave is normal. 

You can also read a transcript of the show