Episode 93: Women in Politics (re-release)

It’s a very fine line...between how people want to agitate for women’s rights and women’s advancement and how much there can still be a backlash against those types of issues.
— Megan Murphy
You have more resources within you than you think...try to believe that you can actually make a difference, that your voice counts.
— Madeleine Kunin

Madeleine Kunin (photo by Paul Boissvert)

This is a re-release of a show called Politics is Power, which I originally produced in March 2015. Given the impending US election, now seemed a good time to roll it out again. I think often of former Vermont governor Madeleine Kunin's wise words during our interview. Talking to her made me want to speak to many more women in their 80s or 90s. 

Since I put this show together Britain has gained a female prime minister, and America might be about to elect a woman as president. But there are still many issues female politicians face that men do not. This show looks at some of them, and provides a little inspiration to anyone thinking of entering politics. 

You can read a transcript of the show here, under the original episode.