Episode 76: Communicating While Female

I have decided that rather than changing myself to be taken more seriously, I would rather just stay who I am and make people take people like me more seriously.
— Jessie Char
Our true selves don’t show when we’re in more anxiety ridden situations...Why do we think we should be born an amazing communicator? We’re not.
— Ita Olsen

The way women communicate is getting a lot of scrutiny these days - from upspeak and vocal fry to indirect emails and over-apologizing, we're being urged to change our ways.

Jessie char

In this show we look at whether the way women use language is our problem, or society's. Jessie Char is fed up of being criticized for her voice and the feminine way she dresses. She says the critique comes down to simple sexism. Teo Cristea has taken voice classes to help her come across better in a professional context. And communication coach Ita Olsen says communication is meant to get us what we want out of life - so why wouldn't we want to improve our skills?

Ita olsen

Ita olsen

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