Episode 72: The Power of Image (re-release)

This is not a sexist thing. This is a communication thing. What are you communicating by how you appear?
— Mrs. Moneypenny
Photo by XiXinXing/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by XiXinXing/iStock / Getty Images
Knowing that I’m going to be in a mill with high humidity...it doesn’t make sense to put on makeup because it’s just going to run off. It doesn’t make sense to put on expensive clothes.
— Amy Johnson

Our appearance affects the way others see us, whether we like it or not. Most successful women spend a lot of time thinking about the image they present to the outside world. But how you 'should' look in a professional setting can depend on where you work. And while there's endless emphasis on women's appearance, men have to think about this too. The power of image runs deep.

This show, which first ran in 2013, features regular TBE guest Mrs. Moneypenny/Heather McGregor and engineer Amy Johnson (right), with a quick appearance by longtime McKinsey partner Joanna Barsh.

You can also read a transcript of the show.