Strutting Your Scientific Stuff

June 22, 2012

I was horrified and slightly amused when I first spotted this video earlier today.  Amused with a gasp thrown in.

I can hardly believe the European Union thinks this is the way to let young girls know that science is 'a girl thing'. Strutting models, high heels, pouts, giggles, lipstick motifs, and a guy who clearly can't take his eyes of these hookerlikes - er, I mean young women with a scientific bent. Why, in 2012, are bureaucrats making stuff like this? Were there any women among them? It's another depressing reminder that for too many people, 'female' is synonymous with 'sexy' - and that the EU thinks the only way to sell girls on science is to package it as a fashion show. As of this writing the video has almost 3,000 'dislikes' and only 100 'likes'. 

This reminds me of the post I wrote in May about some of the logos I received when I put out a design brief for The Broad Experience on a design contest site. Several came back including semi-clad or naked women in provocative positions. Bond girls are what come to mind when I say 'women and work'? And that was a female designer. Which makes me wonder whether any (presumably) sensibly clad female Eurocrats had a part in creating this '80s-esque video. This Washington Post piece on what is fast becoming a backlash includes some tweets from the scientific community. But from what I gather here, the people behind it don't seem to realize they're reinforcing any stereotypes.

Excuse me while I dry my nails next to a Bunsen burner.