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The Broad Experience is a bi-monthly online audio show and podcast about women in the workplace. It's thought provoking, insightful coverage you won't hear elsewhere. Episodes offer listeners a takeaway they can use in their own careers.

  • Audience is 85% female
  • Just over half are between 25 and 44 years old
  • They're engaged (I get lots of email, tweets and iTunes reviews), educated, and curious about how to navigate their careers
  • The majority of listeners are in the US. The next largest groups are in the UK, Australia, and Canada. Listeners tune in from countries including Sweden, Germany, and Hong Kong
  • Each show has a long tail, with listeners reporting they 'binge' on past episodes
  • Various sponsorship levels and packages are available.

Past and current sponsors include:

The Financial Times
Foreign Affairs
Warby Parker

For more information, please contact me.